IC No Plastic Bags

Early this year we teamed up with 2 local organizations, The Lena Project and 100 Grannies, to collaborate on a project to encourage the use of reusable bags in our community! We hosted our first reusable bag stand on March 7th at North Dodge Hyvee and we were able to hand out 160 cloth bags to fellow Iowa City shoppers!

We are extremely grateful to the 100 grannies for donating over 80 hand sewn bags. Their time and effort put into this mission is very admirable. Stuff Etc. also donated 100 bags for us to give away, which we are also thankful for!

Our plan is to host these bag stands at all the local grocery stores throughout the next year. We want to educate shoppers on the harm plastic bags cause to our environment and help get them started on switching reusable bags! Not only did we hand out over 160 bags, we also collected 90 signatures from shoppers who pledge to ditch plastic. Thank you for supporting #ICNoPlasticBags

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