Global Climate Strike | Iowa City, Iowa

Last Friday, after heading back from Des Moines, we were able to participate in the Iowa City Climate Strike Students event at Old Brick Church. They held a great town climate accord with info tables from various organizations such as 100 grannies, Sunrise Movement, People for Bernie, and more! We were asked to speak and wanted to publish a written copy for those that were unable to attend.

" My name is Darian I am an Iowa City native, a former little hawk, and a University of Iowa alumni. This is my sister Riley and we are the founders of Millennials for Climate Action. We recently started this organization to inspire our peers to live more sustainably and advocate for climate solutions. We were raised by our mother to believe that it is our responsibility to be conscious of our impact on this planet. However, we have felt dis-empowered as we have stood by and watched our government and the corporations that influence it deny science and continue down a path toward destruction of our planet. Today we joined the Climate Strike in Des Moines, where the Sunrise Movement organized a march to congresswoman Axne’s office to demand her support of Green New Deal legislation. We were met by office staff with a pre-drafted letter from Axne in support of ambiguous climate legislation. We were also met by Des Moines Law Enforcement who made at least one arrest despite the office expecting our presence and the nonviolence of our strike. There is still a long road ahead of us in solving the global climate emergency and action like these climate strikes are just the beginning. We stand in solidarity with all of the young climate strikers across the globe who are forgoing their classes and giving their time to stand up to the institutions in place that are contributing to our current climate emergency. Specifically the Iowa City Student Climate Strikers who have been working endlessly toward local climate solutions. They have been instrumental in shaping the local climate conversation. Both the City and University have felt pressured to institute changes due to their persistence over the last 9 months. We still have a long way to go as a community if we are going to to completely divest from fossil fuels, but The Iowa City Climate Strikers have made so many strides here in Iowa City. They have been consistently urging the university to stop burning coal for months. Not only do we want the university to stop burning coal for their own use, we want them to shut down the coal plant, NOT SELL IT TO A CORPORATION or utility company, who will continue to pollute our community and the Iowa river and contribute to the already unacceptable levels of CO2 being pumped into our atmosphere every. single. day. We hope that this strike and others help to further the climate conversation here and across the globe! Thanks to the Iowa City Climate Strikers for setting this up today and thank you all so much for coming. We hope to take part in many more events and we hope you all can join us."

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