Global Climate Strike | Des Moines, Iowa

Last Friday, for the December 6th Global Climate Strike, we met the Iowa Climate Strike and Sunrise Movement at the Capitol building in Des Moines. There we heard from multiple speakers whom shared their stories as to why they are passionate about the Climate Strike and how the Climate Crisis has affected them, their families, and their communities. We were especially excited to find that they had arranged for Senator Bernie Sanders to stop by and speak. We NEED to elect politicians who will push for progress in our country. Politicians that cannot be bought by big corporations and special interest groups. We NEED to elect politicians that will fight for a Green New Deal. The Sunrise Movement has developed a way to evaluate and score the democratic front runners on their commitment to fight for climate solutions in our country. The scorecard shows what we already knew to be true - Bernie Sanders IS our climate candidate. After the speakers we marched with Sunrise to congresswoman Axne’s office to demand her support of Green New Deal legislation. We were met by office staff with a pre-drafted letter from Axne in support of ambiguous climate legislation. Action like this is just the beginning. We will fight for a Green New Deal for our country. We will fight for an inhabitable future for our children. If you're in the Iowa Corridor and interested in joining us at action events, join us.

Photo credit: Riley Curry Photography

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