Earth Week 2021

Happy Earth Day everyone! I hope everyone was able to do something this week to either educate yourself or take action to care for our Earth. I wanted to do a little re-cap of our week at MFCA for those that may have missed out... On Sunday we hosted our virtual Earth Day Celebration. This year for fundraising we hosted a bake sale... which in the days of the pandemic was a bit tricky being we had to deliver all the goodies. However, it ended up being a great success! We had many wonderful volunteers bake amazing treats for us and we sold 20 boxes of goodies. We ended up raising about $375 for our organization and with that we paid to plant 150 trees at One Tree Planted.

Aside from fundraising, we also wanted to encourage our community to get out and take action. We put together clean up kits complete with masks and hand sanitizer to keep everyone safe. We had about 10 families ask to pick up kits which means dozens of bags of trash will be up out of our parks and streets once they all get put to use!

As part of our Earth Day Celebration we had a former Johnson County Master Gardener present a pollinator friendly gardening skill share. She was kind enough to record that presentation, so anyone that missed out can catch that at the link below. Lots of great information here. Thank you so much, Stephany! I hope everyone enjoyed this year's MFCA Earth Day celebration and we hope you will join us at future events! As always, we appreciate your support in our mission to educate our community on the climate crisis and what we as individuals can do to help. - Millennials for Climate Action

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