Book Review: Shift Your Habit by Elizabeth Rogers

Every shift counts, and with numbers like these, it’s easy to see just how much

Shift Your Habit is more of a collection of tips than a book but the information is still relevant. It’s broken up into sections like Home and Garden, Food and Drink, Kids, and Pets (among many others). This book contains a lot of helpful information and although everything listed has been talked about in various eco-friendly forums and websites for years there were still a few things that managed to surprise me; plus it’s nice to have everything in one central location. I would say this book is aimed more for someone who is just starting to pursue a more eco-friendly lifestyle and with that in mind I think it fulfills that purpose.

If you’re just starting out and want a crash course in simple and effective ways you can “save the planet – and your wallet” then pick up this book (or you know, get it on loan from the library to save even more resources and money). Give it a quick read through, implement some changes into your life, and then pass it along to someone else so they can do the same!

Shift Your Habit by Elizabeth Rogers

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