Started in 2019 by sisters and climate activists Riley and Darian Curry, Millennials for Climate Action is a Non-Profit working to address the worsening effects of climate change and environmental degradation.



Our mission at Millennials for Climate Action is to educate ourselves and our peers on the numerous ways human activity is detrimental to our planet and what we can do to be better. In doing so, we hope that we encourage individuals and communities to work toward waste reduction, carbon-neutrality, and ultimately sustainability.

Our goal is to build a community of environmental stewards by encouraging participation in conservation efforts, activism, and educational events. We believe it is each of our responsibility to do our part in conserving the environment and providing future generations a thriving and habitable planet. We also believe that we can do this, if we do it together. 

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Founders of MFCA 

Darian (left) and Riley (right) are sisters, climate activists, photographers and bloggers.


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hosted by MFCA and other organizations focused on sustainability and the environment.